Concept & Designed by Mazhar HussainI belonged to Lahore, Pakistan. I have studied art and design from University of Punjab and media productions from NCA (National College of Arts) Lahore. I have learnt through famous Art Maestros of South Asian states.

With having over one decade of experience, I have not just worked as graphic designer but also having expertise in web design, animations and video production. I have been working with print houses, advertising agencies, corporate companies, software houses and multimedia production houses. I have also work with American, European, Middle Eastern and south Asian companies virtually and presently.

I am an artist by nature and working as graphic designer is just not my profession but my hobby as well. I can execute the jobs very quickly according to the principles of art and design. I have a vast knowledge about the creative processes involved in advertising, web, animation and video production from creative briefing to success stories. I am very serious about my work because it presents myself and I have a very positive behavior towards all nature of jobs related to art and design.

My skills are based on drawing, painting, calligraphy, photography, video production, creative writing and poetry. I have a good command on my CG tool like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, Sound Booth, Encore DVD, Autodesk 3D Max and Combustion.

As being an artist and designer I would say ‘Art could not be learnt, it’s inspirational in nature’ and Art is the extreme of knowledge, so it’s not easy to become a good designer. Now a day where information floods coming from various platforms, so it becoming hard and easy also to standing out someone among the crowd. Overall design is not an easy job, its takes lot of brain butter and harder than science and technology. 😉


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